East Tour

Madeira East Tour

The Madeira East Tour is a popular tour we have on the island, which is offered daily as a minibus tour.

This full day tour offers one, some dramatic contrast views, of the volcanic mountains and the Laurissilva forest. With all stops being from 20 – 30 minutes long, and lunch for about 90 minutes, you end up spending more time out if the vehicle rather than in it. Starting off from Funchal, we head off for the cultural village of Camacha, where we visit the wicker works factory. We then drive along a very scenic route to Portela, where we stop at a view point to see the amazing view of Penha d´ Aguia, a rock that separates Porto da Cruz from Faial. Our next stop is the village of Porto da Cruz which is famous for its home made wine. We then visit Santana, which is famous for its typical A-framed cottages, with the thatched roofs. We then make our way back towards Faial ,where we will stop for lunch. We then climb the mountains up towards Ribeiro Frio, which is located right in the hear of the Laurissilva forest. Here we stop to visit the trout farm and do an optional, very easy, Levada walk (Balcões). Climbing further up until we make our way towards the second highest peak, Pico do Arieiro, which is 1810m and displays some really dramatic views of mountains, forests and skies. Making our way down towards the south side of the island, we finally reach the Monte. Here you can enjoy the majestic views over Funchal and also get the chance to do the famous, toboggan ride, before making our way back to Funchal.


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