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Madeiras richest heritage must be its unique levada walks. Walking tours along the levadas and across its mountain ranges can be done as full day or half day tours

One of the best ways to see the island is on foot. Walking along the levadas which were build as far back as the 1500´s, is a real unique experience. These walks can be found deep inside the biggest Laurissilva forest in the world and combined with some volcanic mountain ranges makes these walks unique and a must for anyone coming to Madeira.

There are walks for all types of walkers. From the most experienced to the casual Sunday walkers. A wide variety of walks ,can be found all over the island and full day as well as half day tours are offered on a daily basis.

  • Rabaçal

  • Rabacal

    In the bewitching valley of Rabaçal we come across to one of Madeiras most popular levada walks. We walk along stretches of 3 levadas…

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  • Ribeiro Frio

  • Ribeiro-Frio

    To really appreciate Madeiras natural heritage, you have to do this walk. Set deep in the Laurisilva forest on the eastern side of the island you will marvel…

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  • Kings

  • Kings-Levada

    This beautiful walk, situated in the lush valleys of São Jorge will take you into the lushest places to be found on the island. This initial leg of the trail presents travelers with…

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  • Ponta de São Lourenço

  • Ponta-Sao-Louren

    We cannot stress enough how absolutely beautiful this Madeira levada walk really is. It is situated on the most eastern point of Madeira and is part…

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  • Pico do Arieiro

  • Pico-do-Arieiro

    Hiking on rugged terrain along part of the central mountain chain that runs across the island. The views are truly spectacular. This trail is unique in that it links..

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  • Ponta do Pargo

  • Prazeres

    We start this tranquil levada walk between the sea and mountain landscapes. In an almost never ending winding path through lush green valleys and mountains…

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  • The Lakes

  • Lakes

    Above the Rabaçal valley of western plateau, we find one of the oldest levadas of the island with its neumerous rock pools, that form the source of the magnificent…

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  • Encumeada

  • Encumeada walk

    This Madeira walk, no serious walker should miss. If we had to choose one mountain walk this would be it. Magnificent views and very little climbing. Spectacular viewpoint overlooking…

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  • Quinta Grande (half day)

  • Quinta-Grande

    A really superb walk all year round , through landscape rich in cultivation. From Quinta Grande through Campanario until Boa Morte. Along this levada, you will…

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  • Maroços (half day)

  • Marocos

    This levada walk starts in Maroços and ends in Ribeira Seca. This Levada, is also called “Levada das Mimosas” due to the many Mimosa trees bordering…

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  • Paradise Valley (half day)

  • Paradise-Valley

    A relaxing levada walk between mountains and valley’s on the area of Stº da Serra. This is a charming walk, covered up with luxuriant vegetation, delightful wild flowers…

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  • Nuns Valley (half day)

  • Eira-do-Serrado

    Situated right in the heart of the island, this fairly easy walk will enchant you as it weaves its way through dense forests, surrounded by high ridges, rural villages…

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  • Referta (half day)

  • Referta

    This is an easy and charming walk, along the paths made by man in this area many years ago. You will be able to admire, some of the villages on the Northeast Coast. As…

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